Owning a garage is almost like a rite of passage for many homeowners. In the past, having a garage was seen as a status symbol – after all, not everyone could have a house big enough to support having an attached garage. These days, many new home-builds come with a garage as a standard product.

Still, besides being a great place to store a car, yard equipment, or any of your favorite holiday decorations, your garage is one heck of a hangout spot. Wouldn’t you want your new favorite hangout place to have a functioning door?

Having a garage comes with garage problems, and your garage door will eventually need service or repair. Keeping your garage door in pristine condition will prevent injury or even death. We hate to say that proper garage door function can be life or death, but it’s hard not to disagree with the statistics. UL Standards & Engagement provides a list of standards for most garage doors to operate safely.

Lucky for you, ProperShop Garage Door Services knows of at least 5 of the most common garage door problems homeowners face. Let’s break it down.

Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

For this, it’s easy to remember an old song from The Beatles called “Carry That Weight” because that’s the job of a garage door opener. Not only does your garage door opener help open and close your garage door, but it also helps to keep it in place. If you have an older home with a garage, then chances are you have an older garage door opener that may eventually need repair or replacement.

If a garage door opener’s motor, remote control, or safety sensors malfunction, you’ll have trouble opening or closing the door. Getting stuck inside your garage because of a broken opener is no one’s idea of a good time, so be prepared for your opener to need replacement or repair.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Here’s an issue beyond your garage door just not opening properly. Now you’re dealing with a potential safety problem. A broken garage door spring must be addressed immediately by an expert. This is not a job for YouTube University. Instead, garage door springs have extreme tension, meaning you could be dealing with more than door issues if they snap. How does a trip to the hospital sound?

The garage door spring’s primary purpose is to help raise and lower the door, and is also responsible for bearing plenty of weight. This is nothing to trifle with as a homeowner. Take it seriously and call the experts at ProperShop immediately.

Track Misalignment

Garage doors also function correctly with tracks designed to allow the up and down motion of the rollers attached to the door. If either of the garage door tracks gets whacked out of alignment, then this can cause your door to jam.

It would be best to have your garage door tracks inspected by an expert to ensure their proper usage over the product’s life. This is yet another problem that requires more than just a quick Google search and a can-do attitude.

Broken Cables

Along with the springs, garage door cables aid in safely lifting or lowering the door. Over time, these cables can lose strength or durability, leading to them breaking or becoming unusable.

A broken garage door cable can cause an imbalance in your door’s operation. An imbalanced door will become jammed or crooked, making it difficult to function normally. Broken cables need immediate replacement by an expert.

Worn Rollers or Hinges

Garage door rollers and hinges also provide another critical function for your garage door’s general usage. Think of garage door rollers as the tires on your car. Rollers can become worn after continuous use and require maintenance or replacement.

Garage door hinges operate similarly, ensuring the door bends at precise moments to ensure proper opening and closing. Again, this is another part that may need replacement or repair.

Garage Door Repair Services by ProperShop

Now that you know of the most common garage door problems, know you have a friend in ProperShop Garage Door Services to help! At ProperShop, we understand the need for a company that can fix nearly any garage door issue promptly and effectively. That’s why we’re proud to offer quick turnaround times to have your garage door working again with minimal downtime.

If you’re dealing with any of the above issues, contact us today to get started on a repair call. We’re ready to assist you!