Being a garage owner can make you feel like a member of an elite club. After all, what would you do if you had almost 250 to 500 square feet of additional space for a car, lawn equipment, or anything else you can imagine (yes, even that 12-foot skeleton your significant other has been eying for Halloween this year)?

But having a garage also means having a proper door that can provide more than just a way to secure your garage. Insulated garage doors are a relatively new trend that can aid in turning your garage into a relaxed, comfortable place. Of course, this added comfort comes at a premium, so you may wonder if buying an insulated garage door is even worth it.

Let’s break it down by pros and cons.

Pros Of Buying an Insulated Garage Door

There are plenty of valid reasons for buying an insulated garage door. We’ll go over a few of those to help you understand.

Energy Efficiency

Buying an insulated door or window adds energy efficiency benefits for your home. An insulated garage door is a barrier to outside temperatures, giving your garage and home a more comfortable environment by reducing heat or cold transfer.

Temperature Regulation

Depending on your climate, an insulated garage door can help with the wild temperature swings. Colder winters or scorching summers are less of a problem when your garage door is insulated. Many homeowners use garages as workspaces, so a well-regulated and comfortable garage is good.

Noise Reduction

Insulated doors provide a great deal of noise reduction. If you’re running saws or other power tools, your neighbors would probably appreciate an insulated door that reduces the amount of noise (and maybe a few stern words during projects) coming from your garage.

Cons Of Buying an Insulated Garage Door

Of course, we must look at things from the flip side of the “buying an insulated garage door” coin.

Higher Cost

Insulated doors can be pricier than your average garage door. After all, you are paying for an additional function. While you may see some energy cost savings thanks to the insulation, it may take time to recoup those upfront product and installation costs.

Heavier Than Normal Doors

Insulated garage doors have additional weight due to the added insulation. This may cause more wear and tear on your overall system, from the opener to the rollers. You may need to service this door more often as a result.

Garage Door Services from ProperShop

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