The Best Garage Door Openers for Homeowners

The best way to describe a garage door opener is to refer to it as the brain and part of the muscles that open and close your door. That’s why selecting an opener that meets your home’s unique needs is essential.

But, considering the dozens of options in garage door openers, it might be straightforward to come away with decision fatigue rather than a firm choice. That’s why we’ve compiled this list — to help you make an informed decision. We’ve looked at all the factors, such as price, features, and more, to help create this list.


For the best overall garage door opener, you’re seeking an opener with a wall-mount design to help you free up ceiling space, a battery backup, and Wi-Fi controls. Not only will all these additional options allow you to keep your garage door opener functional, but you can also operate it with several smart home and smartphone devices from anywhere.  

Smart Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers have gotten smarter over the years. No longer bound by opening by just a button mounted on the side of the garage door, openers can now work with Wi-Fi to offer more for homeowners. Imagine using Alexa or Google to open your garage door. Welcome to the future! This is possible thanks to options from all the major garage door opener manufacturers.

Wall Mount Opener

Over the past few years, wall-mounted openers have become in vogue to help reduce ceiling usage. Wall-mounted options are usually mounted in the right or left corner of your garage door and operate through an electric motor connected to a trolley system. When activated, the motor drives the trolley along a track, pulling or releasing the garage door, allowing for a smooth and controlled opening. A wall-mounted opener is a wise choice if your garage is mainly used for storage.

Belt Drive Opener

Belt drive openers are a contemporary style of garage door opener, allowing a belt to open and close the door versus a chain. When activated, an electric motor drives a pulley attached to the belt, pulling the garage door open or closed. Belt drive openers have become a popular choice for homeowners in recent years.

Chain Drive Opener

And then there’s the old-fashioned chain drive opener. In use for decades, for some people, if it’s not broke, then there’s no need to fix it when it comes to the ease of use and functionality of a chain drive opener. Buy one of these if you’re seeking a no-frills type of opener.

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