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ProperShop Garage Door Services specializes in repairing garage door parts of all brands: LiftMaster, Genie, Marantec, Guardian, Linear, and more. Our trained Technicians respond quickly with a fully-stocked vehicle to repair your garage door in a single visit. Schedule your appointment today!

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage door openers, springs, rollers, cables, drums, or the garage door itself – your trained ProperShop Technician will perform an inspection to determine what needs to be repaired to get your garage door operating at its best. When repair is not an option, your Technician will provide you with replacement options. Your Technician will always help you find a solution to your problem.

Emergency Service Repair

There’s never a good time for your garage door to stop working. ProperShop provides emergency garage door repair service to restore security in your home so you can continue to focus on what’s important in your life. After hours, weekends and holidays – ProperShop has you covered with emergency garage door service!


All of a sudden your garage door won’t open? It could be that you need a new garage door spring. Your springs do the heavy lifting on your door so that your garage door opener doesn’t have to. If your spring is broken, no longer adequately balancing your garage door, or it’s old, and you want to get ahead of any issues, book a garage door spring repair appointment using our convenient online scheduler or call us today!


Does your garage door shake, rattle, and wake up the entire neighborhood? It might be that you need a set of new garage door rollers. Rollers can wear over time which can lead to noisy and bumpy movement of your garage door. This in turn can lead to increased stress on other components of your garage door, including your garage door opener. A trained ProperShop Technician can help you determine if you need garage door roller repair services

Bent Door Tracks 

Need garage door track repair and replacement services? If your garage door isn’t opening or closing, or simply isn’t operating as smoothly as it used to, it may be that your tracks are bent or not positioned properly. A trained ProperShop Technician can help you determine if your bent garage door tracks need to be repaired or replaced. Schedule an appointment now using our convenient online scheduler or by phone.


Has your garage door come off the tracks? If so, it’s possible that your cables either contributed to the problem or sustained damage in the process. Twisted, bent, loose, rusted, or fraying garage door cables can be very dangerous and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Book a garage door cable repair service using our convenient online scheduler or call today to have a trained ProperShop Technician inspect your door and repair any parts that pose danger to you and your family.

Panel Replacement

Accidents happen. Cracked, dented, or bent garage door panels can be an eye-sore and may even affect the operation of your door, increasing wear and tear on other garage door components. Whether you need a garage door panel repair or replacement – a trained ProperShop Technician can help you determine the option that’s best for you. Book an appointment today using our convenient online scheduler or by calling a ProperShop Customer Service Representative!

Drum Replacement

Garage door drums give your cables a neat place to wind and unwind as your door opens and closes and are a vital component of your garage door system. Bent, rusted, or cracked drums can not only cause your garage door to operate inefficiently, they can be dangerous, but they can cause your garage door to operate inefficiently. Book an appointment for your garage door drum replacement using our convenient online scheduler or call today!

Weather Stripping

Do you see daylight poking through the bottom of your garage door? The weather stripping, or as it’s referred to in the industry, the “bottom rubber,” can collapse, harden, or crack over time, leading to an imperfect seal at the bottom of your garage door. A trained ProperShop technician can help with that! ProperShop Technicians arrive at every service call with a fully stocked vehicle to meet all of your garage door repair needs, including weather stripping replacement. Call today, or book your appointment for a garage door weather stripping replacement online using our convenient online scheduler.


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