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Ever feel like your garage door is struggling to open like a shopping cart with a bad wheel? Don’t worry – you may just need new rollers! Replacing your garage door rollers is one of the best things you can do to ensure your garage door’s smooth and quiet operation. If your door is clicking, squeaking, dragging, jolting, bouncing, or for any reason is giving you that lame shopping cart vibe, it may be time to replace your rollers.

What Causes Problems With Your Garage Door Rollers

Over time, the bearings in garage door rollers can wear down, causing clicking noises and wobbling of the wheel itself. Proper maintenance can delay this process, but it is going to happen.

Rusty or dried-out bearings are another issue that may be causing problems for your garage door’s operation. These bearings require routine maintenance to prevent this from occurring.

Dirt and debris accumulation can also make your garage door’s operation into a bumpy ride. After all, if you enjoy your garage as an extra workspace, dust and debris can fly in every nook and cranny – even your garage door rollers.

Garage door rollers also feature what’s called a “tire” – it’s the round bit of rubber around the roller itself. Over time, those can become cracked or have uneven wear.

Other garage door roller issues can result from misalignment, a loose or bent track, the age of your rollers, or overuse of the door. All these problems will present in the same way: noisy and bumpy operation of your garage door.

Garage Door Roller Repair Vs. Replacement

The decision to replace or repair garage door rollers often comes at the homeowner’s discretion. There are situations where the rollers are bent, wobbly, or won’t roll at all, in which case the garage door may barely function or not function at all. In these situations, it is necessary to replace your rollers.

We often see issues with rollers that allow the door to function, but they’re causing some resistance and/or inconvenience for the homeowner. In all cases where rollers are causing resistance to opening and closing the garage door, we recommend replacement. If the rollers are not causing resistance, we recommend periodic cleaning and lubrication.

Repairing or replacing a garage door roller usually depends on what is found during the inspection process. If our technician discovers too many issues caused by your current roller, a replacement is recommended. However, the technician may also recommend a simple repair job with more periodic maintenance to extend the life of your rollers.


ProperShop Garage Roller Repair Experts

At ProperShop we invest in ongoing training so you can be assured that whichever Technician responds to your call, they will be an expert in garage door roller repair and replacement. Your technician will help you determine the best options for all your garage door needs.

ProperShop begins this process during the first contact we have with our customers. We’ll speak to you, determine the best course of action over the phone, and have one of our technicians respond to your home within a 24-hour period. If it’s a basic repair job, we can usually get your door rolling again and avoid significant downtime for our customers.

Garage Door Repair Services Offered by ProperShop Garage

ProperShop offers garage door repair services for all garage door components, including openers, springs, rollers, drums, cables, panels, and tracks.

If you break it, we can usually fix it! Our dependable and trustworthy technicians are trained on many types of garage doors, giving them a well-rounded knowledgebase to work from as they diagnose your issue. No matter how small the problem is, we’ll treat you with respect, care, and concern in order to get your door functioning again.

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