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Your garage door needs the right track to operate at its best. Sometimes track can get bent, twisted, or smashed. When that happens, a trained ProperShop Technician can help you determine if it’s best to repair the track or replace it. In either case, your ProperShop Technician will help you resolve all your garage door issues.

Repair Your Garage Door Track

After an accident, large or small, your garage door track can come out looking bent or twisted. This will likely affect the operation of your garage door. In some cases, this is repairable by bending, twisting, and securing the track to its pre-accident condition.

Calling ProperShop will set you up with an experienced technician who can inspect your garage door track and establish a solution. Once that solution is in place, your technician will use any of the tools at their disposal to make your repair job a simple one. ProperShop technicians come prepared with all the tools necessary to fix any track issue. You’ll never spend hours watching someone attempt to repair a track without a strong knowledge of how to fix it.

Signs Your Garage Track Needs Repair

After an accident, your garage door track may no longer be straight, plumb, or lined up properly. When this happens, your opener may not be able to open or close the door due to the resistance of the rollers in the damaged track. Sometimes this may be obvious, sometimes not.

However, it’s vital that you seek out an inspection from a trained garage door repair professional after any accident involving your garage door. This will provide you with confidence and reduce your anxiety over any potential issues lurking that you may not see.

The experts at ProperShop are trained to spot even the smallest issues that could be causing your garage door track to not work properly. Like a well-tuned engine, small issues may cause the overall garage door system to fail. Don’t get caught flat-footed!

Causes For Track Repair

A damaged garage door track is typically caused by bumping the track with a car, body, or stored item in the garage. A properly aligned track is critical to the overall function of the door, so repair or replacement is necessary to prevent any other potential problems.

The most common issue in garage door tracks is misalignment. The tracks are normally installed to specific measurements and specifications to ensure your garage door opens smoothly. Any modifications – accidental or otherwise – to this track can cause your door to “crash” or “hang.”

Another common issue has to do with whether the tracks were installed properly at the start. These tracks must be secured properly or they run the risk of becoming loose or dislodged, causing your garage door to operate poorly.

Routine inspection on your tracks is also necessary. Rust and corrosion thanks to exposure to moisture, humidity, or harsh weather can cause the tracks to become damaged.  

Even your garage door rollers may cause significant damage to the track. Rollers must receive proper maintenance or else they could cause wear and tear on your track that will result in a more costly repair job.

Other issues include excessive wear and tear, improper track spacing, or substandard track quality.

No matter the cause, ProperShop has the expertise, tools, and parts to repair or replace your damaged garage door track!

ProperShop Garage Track Repair Experts

At ProperShop, we invest in the ongoing education of our technicians so you can be assured a garage door expert will show up to your door. And because new products are coming out every day, we maintain constant communication with technical support engineers at all the major manufacturers so we can solve any new problem on-site as we encounter it.

However, training remains at the heart of all our repair work. Our technicians are trained from the start to be able to spot an issue and have a solid plan in place to correct it. We go overboard with ensuring all technicians are capable of handling any issue regardless of the size of the problem.

Whether you’re in need of garage door track repair, or any other garage door need, ProperShop provides you with expert support!

Garage Door Track Repair Services Offered By ProperShop

In addition to track repair services, ProperShop offers a variety of garage door services. From garage door springs, openers, panels, cables, drums, and rollers – if it’s a part of your garage door, we can repair it! Schedule an appointment online or call us today at 858-299-3777!


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